Full Snack Box 'Ready to Go'

We recommend our 'Ready to Go' Snack Boxes as the best way to get started.


Our 'Ready to Go' Snack Boxes comprise of:

  • 25 Bags of Premium Crisps
  • 25 Bars of Premium Chocolate
  • 6 Flapjacks
  • 3 Nature Valley
  • 1 Large Sweet Share Bag
  • 4 Canned Drinks 330ml
  • 4 Bottles 500ml
  • 2 Seal and Peel Hot Drinks


Total: 70 items with a resale return of £59.60 for you.


At Snack'ums, we have over 500 boxes that we swap every week with our personal delivery routes. From 8 years of experience we are confident our 'Ready to Go' boxes are the perfect balance of snacks and drinks to add to your break room.


We have 2 options:

  1. Includes our very smart Wooden Snack'ums Boxes (With £12 Cashback in vouchers)
  2. Using our standard cardboard serving box


Both options come with a nice colourful laminated menu for your staff to see all the prices of all the items in your box and a useful 'how to use' guide.

(Our laminated menus use our Recommended Retail Prices, which we use in our own boxes).


We also include a cash jar which is printed with prices for your staff.


When you purchase the Snack'ums Wooden Box option, we will send you 3 vouchers worth £4 each - When you order a refill box from us, you can use a £4 voucher (Just 3 refills and you will have the £12 back from buying the initial box).


Further Savings / Future Orders
We will supply you with a voucher code for savings on future orders where you have no need for extra laminates, jars and serving boxes.


For continued orders and refills, we will point you in the best direction to keep topping up your Snack Box.


You can individually pick each item, or if time is limited for you, we can create a regular box tailored to your specific requests and send them on a ad hoc or subscription basis (We will customise and work with whatever suits you best).


Your Profits

Selling snacks to your staff with our recommended prices will beat most shops and give you at least a +38% Profit on Return.


Our Snacks and Drinks are supplied at wholesale prices and you will receive a VAT receipt with your order.


On average, the schools, nurseries and businesses using our boxes earn profits ranging between £600 to £800 per year which proves a to be a great fundraiser or additional business income. Some larger places make thousands.


Of course, we do also have many businesses that offer their Snacks for free or as customer incentives (i.e. car showrooms, company meeting rooms etc).


We have the whole system and pricing right for you! We do this every day.


*Please Note
You will receive many more items than the boxes in the pictures - We will pack and ship everything inside a larger box which we have reused (Generally these will be crisp boxes which we cover with black wrap for your privacy).

Full Snack Box 'Ready to Go'

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